Just Pick Now

December 2, 2011
By , Houston, TX
I let out all my tears last night
All My sorrows were gone by daylight
But If I hear one word about them
My tears will come again
I can wipe them away
but the feelings are going to stay
What I need, Is my friends
At least they can help me pretend
Like I don't care
But No matter when or where
My love for him will be there

He is the only guy I'm going to cry for
he should be crying since he is stuck with that wh***
we were meant to be together
but she is making him stay forever
He is a nice guy
Its so hard for him to tell her bye
I just got to be patient
And wait For him to make the adjustment
Of giving what he has for her to me
Cuz were meant to be

I know your a little bit older
But at least my heights up to your shoulder
Shes a little midget
I don't know why you even gave her them digits

I know that in the future
You'll realize that shes some weird a** creature
But it'll be too late then
I told you, I was Barbie and you were Ken
But you didn't listen

Your gonna wish you could go back in time,rewind and change your mind
To be with me instead of her,
For yalls relationship to never occur
But that wish isn't gonna come true
So you got to pick now. I already chose you

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