phantom of thesis

December 2, 2011
the phantom of thesis
walks with shackles
but waits for her words to unlock her
Rustin with a heavy amount of pain dragging her emotions
but is healed every second from the hope that one day her words will return
stays in a academy of misconceptions filled with lethal words attacking her
but fights back with a closed ear and a locked mind dictionary
takes a seed of empathy and plants them in her students minds
but chopped down by a drop out never to understand their reason for studying their own life
chains her thoughts with 500 pounds of anger to her courage
plays her jazz music with a radio in the form of a mouth and ear phones in form of her mate
looking outside and watching young kids play with their words, and one day show them her words that serve the world every day
grabs the picture of the first time her words put a ring on hand for marriage
and closes her eyes to have reverie of her words grasping the new generations heart with everlasting peace

never let your words go, because you will miss what you said your whole life

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