The Last One

December 2, 2011
By Sabrina-the-teenage-witch GOLD, Weston, Florida
Sabrina-the-teenage-witch GOLD, Weston, Florida
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If I was the last person
On this dreary earth
Surrounded by the rubbles
Of this world that once was

I would prance through the desert
Of our lonely past
And roam the hopeless glen
That was meant to be a future

All in search of another life
Of a friend, or a family
Of a partner, or a companion
But all to no avail

I would fall to misery and sorrow
At the empty loneliness
That fills me inside
And surrounds me in every aspect

I would cry a river
That would flow down majestically,
Becoming a sparkling sea
As changing and untamable as fury itself

I would scream
And my breath would stir up
The mightiest of winds and storms
To wreck and shape the hollow land

I would stir up a raging fire
To burn away the buildings and structures
Cleansing the earth
From any trace whatsoever of mankind

I would lay my hands against the warm ground
And bleed out my grief and loneliness
And from that blood a red flower would bloom
First a rose, a single, blood red rose

Then from that rose, another would bloom
One after the other they would bloom and bloom
And In my anguish, I would reach for a rose
And rip its petals all off, till only the stem was left

From that lonely stem
The thorns would grow and reach
Becoming mighty branches
And the stem would grow into a trunk

My eyes, once the windows to my soul
Would glaze over like mirrors
And would reflect the joys and pains of all the ages past
And the lost hopes and dreams for the future

I would look around the abandoned world
As silent and as unbearable as death
And I would laugh, a halfhearted laugh
Just for the purpose of a sound to fill the emptiness

And with that silent laugh
I would go in sit under the tree
Surrounded by thorny roses

And I would stare out at the endless sea of tears
And feel the cool breeze of my breath
And with a heavy heart, but a brand new mind
I would start over
I would start again with life

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martumo said...
on Dec. 18 2011 at 11:18 am
Sad but with hope... very well written

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