My Last Day

December 2, 2011
How would you spend the last day of your life?

I would go back home
I’d say goodbye to my mom
I would take my bike

And I would ride it
Ride and ride to the old park
That is by a field

With a lake near by
There is a big, old tree there
I would go climb it

I would climb and climb
Higher than I’ve ever climbed
Then I’d reach the top

Then the branch would snap
And I would be falling down
Falling and falling

I slice through the air
Suddenly I stop falling
Instead I’m sleeping

Sleep on the cold grass
Beneath the tree by the field
With a lake near by

Next to the old park
I am sleeping and dreaming
Sweet, wonderful dreams

Then the sun would set
The day would finally end
And night would arrive

My sleep would not stir
And the darkest of nights comes
Yet I still don’t wake

And as the dawn comes
I do not see the sun rise
I don’t cease to dream

I’d sleep peacefully
Never to wake up again
Laying by the tree

In a field somewhere
With a deep blue lake near by
Next to the old park

I slept and I slept
On the last day of my life
And I never woke

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Tom98 said...
Dec. 17, 2011 at 7:32 pm

Definitely talented writing but a bit 'dark' for my taste.

Now from the tree-top fill a balloon that takes you to the clouds where all things are bright.

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