Sunset Solution

December 2, 2011
As sun sinks into the deep horizon
The blue waters of the sea crash against the sky.
I stand by the shore, the cold waters reaching my feet.
The air is chilled and frozen,
Still I let the water caress my legs as I walk deeper into the water.

The sky turns gold and yellow.
Violet and blue paint the sky,
As if the angels themselves used the sky as a canvas.
The endless sky in its glory,
The spreading sea in its majesty
The world is so gorgeous that for a second it holds it breath
Marveling at its own splendor.

Still my heart shatters
With the sound of a thousand waves crashing.
I feel ugly in the beauty that surrounds me.
And I feel the chilled water and breeze
Cary away the pieces of a person I once was.

My washed up soul lingers in the air
And then vanishes with the last rays of sunlight.
Disappearing into the horizon.
In the fading light I manage to see my tattered reflation
And I despise it; I despise the creature that once was me.
I despise the creature looking back at me from the frozen waters.
I scream at the haunting face, desperate.

I will not see the sun rise again
I will not see my reflection bathed in sunlight; exposed
I will not stand by and put up with the creature looking back at me in the water
I look away, breaking the spell
And taking a deep breath
I head deeper into the chilled waterts

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