may death do us part untill we meet again

December 2, 2011
By zondra BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
zondra BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Till death do us part until we meet again, I loved you! And I told you thats not a sin! you should have believed me and never told the cops, and now I am in jail to rot, you were 12 and I was 38 Our love is at a cliff, We shall negotiate. I will always love you although we are at war. But my heart always wants more,I feel as if our hearts have to separate. You know what I appreciate, My friend told me something, so now I hope we both die of a sin and then we shall meet again. We shall love and love until our hearts content then I shall kill you again, again, and again. But for now thou shall write moa, And love even though we committed a sin.
From your love: Rose

Till death do us part until we meet again, I LOVE you that is never a sin! Please don't say I LOVED you, for that breaks my heart. My mother told the police FOR now we are apart. My mother shall die and that to me is not a lie, For she had forsaken our love! She told me you were the wick-en and I was the witch, can you believe that b****!? How dare she try to tear us apart,doesn't she know that love is never in the dark and it is the chronicles of the heart?

Great words my love, for thou show love in and out of time. To me your heart is as black as the night sky shimmering like a hot summer sidewalk, eyes as gold as love on lock down, hair as smooth as thou silk, love as powerful as a gun,but you never new who one,Shamma, my love, My world, My heart, I hope we can laugh like this forever and we can walk together till the end of time and we may be together as we grow old and have children and grandchildren.
… Rose

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA You crazy a** b****! I would never love you, my mother was right you are a horror, even though you were there for me as I was you,our love is compatible, but your soul,body, and heart are forever mine all that doesn't matter though for we shall love in and out of time. I hope you rot in there. For thou found a different lover more my age I was only with you for money, you know your daughter Eliza? Her and I are together we love.

Shamma my love! How could you! You told me we were going to stay together forever, you are my star in the sky, you are the reason that I can go through life every day, you are the reason I can surive, shamma you are me! And I'm so sorry that I can't go through life without you, that's why I'm so helpless
… Rose

Rose? Why are thou mad at me? For I thought thou eyes shine like ice on a hot summer sidewalk, We shall love in and out of time, rose, WILL YOU MARRY ME?
… shamma
Dear Shamma, I love. Thou shall marry you as we die. This is my suicde letter I love you, see you in he**
goodbye forever <3
… Rose

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