Dear Old Me

December 2, 2011
By Hisa-Ai PLATINUM, Rockford, Illinois
Hisa-Ai PLATINUM, Rockford, Illinois
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Dear old me, how are things?
How's life?
Where are you?
What have I missed?

Dear old me, you should know that it's okay
To speak up and tell the fam about your day,
They act like they don't care but they do,
They're just mirroring the things that you do.

Dear old me, sitting shyly in the back of class,
What do you hope to accomplish acting like that?
If the teachers don't notice do you think they care?
Of course not, they get paid just for being there.

Dear old me, your anger bubbles to the surface constantly
And you have to clench your fists or pay dearly,
You need to calm down
And avoid using that dreaded frown.

Dear old me, you've never liked people much
And you avoid sitting with them at lunch,
But let them in, it's okay,
Because soon enough they'll make your day.

Dear old me, you've never liked the sting of loss or betrayal
And you hate to know that you've failed,
But trust me sweetheart you're doing fine;
It doesn't really matter because everything heals with time.

Dear old me, you hold on to every little thing and you let anger rule your world,
What happened to the days of being a sweet little girl?
They're long gone, I know
But c'mon and let the optimism grow.

Dear old me, you're good at lying
But have you thought of actually trying?
You're afraid
And you think the solution is to hide out in a cave.

Dear old me, eventually you let the old things go,
You start saying yes instead of no,
You start leaving behind all the things you hold dear,
And you think your future has become clear.

Dear old me, you become an average teenager for a split second,
You think you know everything and then the truth begins to beckon;
You still have a lot to learn,
And for the answers your heart does yearn.

Dear old me, for a while it's you versus,
And the answers won't be found in song verses.
There's a struggle deep inside
And you choose to hide.

Dear old me, it's okay to take time for yourself,
To take your troubles and seal them on a shelf,
But you can't run away from them,
For they become your stem.

Dear old me, you learn not to regret
And you know it's better not to forget.
You learn that sometimes it's okay to cry,
And that it's always better to at least try.

Dear old me, you've still got a long way to go,
But I'll be here, leading the road.
You've definitely got some growing up to do,
And you're definitely still a young fool.

Dear old me, you can't ever let yourself completely go,
You have to hold on to some things, to the days when you always said 'yo.'
Life is full of change and you hate it.
But that's okay, the new you does too.

Dear old me, you have to promise your heart will always be the same,
You have to promise you'll still love childish games.
You have to promise that kid-like smile
Will still pop up every once in a while.

Dear old me, you have to promise you'll always write,
Even if it means staying up late at night.
You have to promise that even if you lose your way,
You'll know where your heart belongs at the end of the day.

Dear old me, you have to promise that things will change
But that it's okay, and you won't try to lock it in a cage.
You have to promise everything I still believe is true,
And that somewhere deep inside me I'm still you.

Dear old me, how are things?
How's life?
Where are you?
What have I missed?

The author's comments:
Basically what I'd say to the me of three years ago if I had that chance. I think we all have something we'd like to say to our younger selves if only we had the chance, and these are some of the things I'd tell me.

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