December 2, 2011
diary of a striver

afraid in this battle ground with no armor nor tactics
only a peace that will illuminate and never really defeat the enemy
watching the black smoke cover the thoughts of others and bullets flying
wathching as my heroes of the country shed yet another pile of blood and sanity
hearing tears hitting the ground with a painted rouge soldier lane in front of my face
facing the fear of sacrecy falling in the tip of my life and having a gun held to my cerebrum
closing my eyes thinking if the enemy sacrecy will shoot and let the memmories drained my mind of reminising and yet more fear and insanity
but as i heard the trigger about to unload, i hear foot steps and as i open my eyes, i see the soldier walk away
raising up with a confused face, but taking a stand with a fist to my mind
walking around yet again in this battle field of truth and sacrecy
but never to be afraid anymore!
living with a fresh start, from a close and lethal epilogue
but now i stare at the battlefield with eyes of vengeance
never to taking a side of this battlefield, but will carry the pistol of illuminations ge tready for war
looking one last time at my beautiful wife benefience and praying that one day this war will be won, and i will be able to see her again
today i write this as a striver and a once feeble man growing stronger from lifting some of the weight of the world

p.s tell the kids empathy and apathy i'll be home one day

diary of a soldier

staring as i throw these smoke bombs and exchange bullets with someone who has a family and a chance at life
dropping tears with apathethic choice thrown on my soul
taking tactics and blue prints that mainly only show pity for war
watching as another soldier is being sung the lullaby of adieus and hats being held their chest saluting the man or woman
laying down and looking at the other bed, hoping to see my closest friend again who has been M.I.A for months
taking out my bible and closing my hands asking one question "will the halo friends i once knew visit me mentally for one last quote and goodbye"
sleeping and dreaming only of what cinema of my strong yet broken soul can afford
watching that movie play and seeing the uprise and downfalls
given infinite tickets to watch, but rarely ever have the time to
waking up and looking at the sun as i feeds me and the troops light
grasping the spoon and eating every cent of it and saving some for yet another day
as the captain yells out "lets go soldiers!" iv raise up from the cafateria and plunge to the battle field
amd only to see mines, guns, victories and broken hearts
but never afraid to look at the dark nor light surrounding it, only the colors i paint on the battle field
red white and blue
looking as the other soldiers walk dauntless in the field and lifting their blood, sweat, tears, hearts and challenges as we all prepare for yet another war
i write this as a note to my striver lost in that battle ground of sacrecy and truth, hoping to help you one day my friend

p.s. never lose that peace and only shoot it to shine never kill my striver

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