December 2, 2011
By Jeremy McTavish SILVER, Essex, Connecticut
Jeremy McTavish SILVER, Essex, Connecticut
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Finn woke from his bed around ten in the AM
Only to find that his house was on fire.
He couldn’t find his parents,
The situation was dire.
In a last ditch effort he threw open a window,
And yelled as loud as he could.
Lucky for Finn a neighbor had heard
Finn asked him for help, and the man said that he would.
Quickly calling the station for firefighters to come,
The man called to Finn that aid was on the way.
Finn was worried that assistance wouldn’t come quick enough,
And the thick smoke made him sway.
Fearing for his life he got to the floor and crawled to the door,
And checked for heat with the back of his hand.
With a shout, Finn pulled back and stared outside,
Into the distance and across the land.
Thinking, thinking, he got an idea and edged onto a ledge,
From there he could see his parents’ room.
Cinching up a gutter, he hauled himself up to their window,
Only to see their imminent doom.
With a wail fit for a banshee he shouldered through the glass,
To wake their sleeping souls.
In a flash Finn got them to the roof,
But there was no where death wouldn’t take its toll.
Seeing no hope, Finn began to cry,
But a sound filled the air and to his surprise,
Fire trucks came and parked on the lawn,
With firefighters running to stop their demise.
With trampolines in their arms,
They ran to the house and called out to leap.
Finn in their arms, the family jumped,
And they landed unscathed, but ready to weep.
“Finn,” his father said, “We can’t thank you enough.”
But we’re happy as can be that you came.
For if you’d stayed in your room,
Nothing would have ever, ever been the same.

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