Perfect is Flawed

December 2, 2011
By sbonnell BRONZE, Oswego, Illinois
sbonnell BRONZE, Oswego, Illinois
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Smiles popping
up at you
wherever you go
His Aunt just died
a terrible death
It doesn’t matter;
everyone here always turns
from the truth
closing their eyes
covering their ears
Spreading the smiles
that have no true meanings
They don’t know they’re wrong

“Hi there, neighbor! Wonderful morning, ain’t it?”
There is a tornado warning
Her dog just got struck
by a passing car
After her neighbor kicked
him into the street
She turns from the truth
And puts on a smile
That pageant queens wear
They don’t know they’re full of hate

Helping the high school quarterback get to class
His leg was broken
By the second string quarterback
While they were rough housing
He just wanted his chance to shine
The quarterback got an infection
He lost his leg,
His full ride scholarship,
His future
They don’t know they’re all jealous

The perfect world has cheats, fakes, and a**es.

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