As Time's Passed By

December 2, 2011
By YukiBella SILVER, Tampa, Florida
YukiBella SILVER, Tampa, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
\"I can see the sky while staring at the ground. \"-Corey Wittborn

You seem so far away.

Like a dream, that long ago faded away.

You made me see.

You gave me light.

You're not what I want.

I feel desire for you.

That's where it ends.

I figured out I don't want you.

I don't need you.

I have what I want.

I have what I need.

He means everything to me.

You're my past.

He's my future.

I loved you once.

I'm in-love with him now.

He's my Teddy Bear.

Your just a long ago Romeo.

I was your Juliet, but never again.

I'm going to be faithful to him.

My heart completely belongs to him.

My body is totally possessed.

His touch overwhelms me.

But I can't get enough.

I need his awe inspiring touch.

Just his breath upon my skin sends shivers down my spine.

His kisses make me melt.

His smile warms my soul.

His laugh fills me with joy.

His very presence lifts me.

I'm totally over you Tony.

Thank you for making me see that.

Thank you for making me see how enamored I am with Austin.

Thank you for letting me see mine and his future together.

Thank you for giving me the big picture.

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