Deadly Dreams

December 1, 2011
By Zoe McDowell BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
Zoe McDowell BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
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I’m lost.
Alone at sea,
Floating in a body of goals and dreams,
Unsure if I am even worthy of the smallest ripple,
Or the slightest droplet.

I face the challenge of
Choosing whether to sink or to float,
To suffer or to strive,
To live or to die.

The waves of expectation
Crash in over my head,
And while I struggle to gasp for air.
The water stings my eyes.
Burns my nostrils,
And swallows me whole.

The farther I descend,
The more restricted I become.
So far below the clear surface, that the
Goals and dreams become unrecognizable.
I continue to go deeper,
Down into the depths of the unknown.

The light grows fainter.
My strength grows weaker.
I push and struggle to
Fight my way back to the top,
But the currents tug me in every
Unfamiliar direction.

Everything around me says
There is no way out,
No hope,
No life,
Only failure.
And with every inch I go deeper,
I begin to believe it.

My blood runs cold.
The color begins to seep from my skin.
All emotions cease to exist,
And hope is no longer within reach.

Surrounded by defeat,
I say goodbye to anything
And everything I ever
Desired to obtain.

The last thing within me escapes,
Only to ascend above the surface,
And unite with the terrorizing wind
That disrupted the tranquility.

I meet the end.
Put to death by imagination
And the impractical impression
That anything is possible.

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