For My Best Friend.

November 27, 2011
By Jessica Perez BRONZE, Burien, Washington
Jessica Perez BRONZE, Burien, Washington
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You wake up every morning with the smile of a clown
bringing everybody up
while you’re going down
Painted with artificial optimism
white lies
and grey skies

you’re fading away
you’re chipping like paint
everyday your smile fades
and I wish that I could fix you
every day you drift away
and I wish you knew I need you

Wake up, I need you.
open your eyes, I’m still here

Who am I gonna call,
when strong isn't enough?
When my world is filled with teardrops
who will be the push picking me back up?
Who's gonna be the laughter,
shining through the tears?
you may not need you,
but I need you here.

Wake up, I need you
Just like a raindrop, needs a surface to shatter.
Just like paint, needs a canvas to splatter.
Like a rose needs it's thorns,
and car needs a horn.

I promise it wont hurt forever,
it doesn't get easier,
but life gets better.

when all you do is bend and break
and feel like a walking talking mistake
Remember, you're never alone
when the world walks out on you,
I’ll walk you home.

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