Back and Forth

November 27, 2011
By WOWthere PLATINUM, Dublin, Ohio
WOWthere PLATINUM, Dublin, Ohio
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You love me
You love me not
I cant decide
You’re all I can think about
Every single second
Of every single day

You love me
You love me not
I wish I knew
Because I really want you
But what if you don’t want me back
Or feel like I feel for someone else

You love me
You love me not
You’re my absolute best friend
And every time we talk (which is a LOT)
All I can concentrate on is your lips
And how you’re extremely hot

You love me
You love me not
I know I’m in love with you
And that I might explode any moment
Not knowing about you
So I will take the risk

You love me
Or you love me not?

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