Baby could you come here/

November 27, 2011
By Anonymous

Baby, could you come here?
And warm me up?
I’ve been so cold, full of drear.
You can cheer me up.

Baby, please come here
And let me smell you.
I want to see you appear.
Walk quick to me that way you do.

When your breath hits my face
My own loses pace.

So baby come here
And make me stop breathing.
Just long enough
To make a different kind appear.

Baby you know the kind.
Hot, fast, urgent exhale.
Like being way to high.
You’re somehow confined.

Baby breath on me your smell.
And bid the cold farewell.

Baby come here.
Take off my brazier.
I’m hot. My heart to my lips
And down to my hips…

Baby. Come. Here.

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