Ode To Dragon

November 27, 2011
An ode to a dragon,
What a wonderful beast!
With scales and tails,
And teeth and claws.
With plumes of flame,
And powers of flight.

Magnificent in everything they do.
Scales shimmering with a beauteous radiance
As they dive for the kill
That will become their meal.
What an honor to be a dragon’s meal!
A most honorable death!

With tails of gold,
They strike down countless opposition.
With teeth and claws,
They rip apart food and enemy alike.
With plumes of flame,
They burn anything and all.

To be a dragon,
Those who have unlocked flight,
And mastered it’s secrets.
The right is theirs to gloat
With roars that shake most to its very core;
The right to spray the air with flames.

And now, as this ode closes,
Come to think of a dragon
As one worthy of respect.
And if you ever have the fortune
To meet such a being,
Rejoice with your entirety.

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