Tears Of Sorrow

November 27, 2011
By , New Zeland, New Zealand
When they first told me you had left me, I valiantly refused to believe their lies, so I ran to your bedside,

I cried enough to fuel the tides from the tears that welled behind my sorrow filled eyes,

Here, now, somehow I must surrender, Please promise me that you will always remember,

I will wait for you, know I cried for you, I will die for you, I promise I never lied to you,

You used to pick me up off the ground, pull me close without a sound, your embrace tight like snow on a winter’s day,

For when you hold me near, I can feel no fear, until death I swore, your band gracing my hand,

You have me reason, to continue breathing, I thank you, for memories good and memories that are bad and sad,

Goodbye my love, my heart and soul for now it is my time to go.

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