Just a Drop

November 27, 2011
By Anonymous

I watched as the rain rolled down the glass of the window.
I imagine that each rain drop were a part of me.
A dream, a memory, something that I loved, something that I lost, whatever it may be.
One of those rain drops were a part of me.
They slide down the glass running into each other, or just stopping still.
Here I sit humbly admiring the storm hoping it will rain on, if it is God’s will.
These rain drops make me smile and let everything wash away.
I beg for them to stay
Because I like seeing me
The way I once was
Before the pain and trouble caused
my life to tumble
out of control
Just like layers and layers of rain drops, that unfold
Against my window
Taking deep breaths only helps for a while
But watching rain drops always gives you a smile
Leave it to God to make you happy and cheery
When the sky is grey and oh so weary
So do not say rain drops keep falling on my head,
Just ask them to roll off your window instead.

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