Acid for the Soul

November 27, 2011
By Anonymous

The feeling murdered
my reality and created a new world
it opened up my eyes to what I was missing.
I went through life just listening, but now I realize that it is more.
The idea that surged to my head made it known that this power was more
than I could ever be,
the way it makes my knees give
and took away my soul’s reason to live.
Every day it would knock on my door
it made my heart sink even further than before.
Each step I took, father and father
it made me look at how close I truly was.
It slammed me into a wall that I created of all the memories of love that had faded.
It screamed in my ear
all of the whispers I needed to hear.
It grasped me tight
to the feelings I gave up on.
It made me remember of all the times that love had swelled my heart, making me believe that there was nothing above.
The times I had lived my life to its fullest only to have it be crushed by my limitations.
I knew I had fallen
into my own worst nightmares
when I had come to understand that no one really cares.
Deep in the darkest depths of my dreams
lied the true fascination of the situation
what lied in my mind was sure to be
more confusing than time itself;
because love is never easy
all your life you’ll try to fight, but it’s never easy.
What came to my mind was completely assured I knew that
the feeling murdered.
But yet I thrive and fed off its light,
I am addicted to love, but it feels so right.

The author's comments:
I got to thinking one day, is love worth it to you?

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