November 27, 2011
By , Mundelein, IL
Thirty-six sharp needles pierced into the exposed back of an eight year old
Watching how the delicate young body reacts to such powerful substances
The puncturing process of the fear enduing shots conclude not soon enough

Tears dribble down the fragile face, one by one, they reach their final destination
Soaking the huggable stuffed animal, under the heavy drowned eyes
The animal without specific species, because the degree of affliction blocks all details
Besides the well-known body trembling pain

Thirty-six pricks of reality, fear, sorrow, hope, love
Each a biting liquid spilling steadily into flowing veins
Testing out the degree of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual intensity

A needle of reality for the close friend spreading bitter rumors
Chemicals searching desperately for a location to attack and contaminate
Poisoning every reaction to be demonstrated from that moment on
Leaving a heavy heart weighed down inside the emotionally fragile one

A needle of fear, fear of the unknown
Like a little child checking once, twice, three times
Within the closet and underneath the bed for the mysterious creature that may escape
Capturing the mind and imagination of those closest around

A needle of sorrow, sorrow resulted from the heart wrenching truth
A tragedy being watched by millions across the world
As the Twin Towers fell on that lowly day of September 11th, 2001

Tears shed, truth wanting to be blocked from the minds and hearts of those dearest
Loved ones being lost, a mother, a father, a brother
Weeks, days, minutes, seconds after precious newborns were brought into the world
First breath of life inhaled, only to have another breath be taken helplessly

A needle poked of hope, for any kind of news one can receive
Hoping, wishing, dreaming that you’ll see change in your daily life
As the elevator button is pushed for the eighteenth floor
Greeting each face repeatedly seen five days a week
Repetitive like a merry go round
Spinning faster and faster, around and around the seemingly never ending ride

A needle pinched of love
The unconditional love missing from the warmth of a mother
Understanding love neglected from a busy distracted father
Supposed affection that should not be counted for the love one gives a child
Leaving a child empty, broken, hurt, confused

And each of the needles are nothing
Nothing when compared to the ignorance from parents
Nothing when compared to the frequent emotional hurt humans face each day
Nothing when compared to the fear of a young child
Nothing when compared to the draining sorrowful feeling of the truth
Thirty-six needles of pain stabbed into bare skin of the young child are nothing

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