Where I'm From

November 27, 2011
I am from stardust of fathomless age
Which whispers and sighs in my dreams
The breath of words, written on a page,
Pieces of me that remain to be seen.
From blurry silver linings
In the distance through the rain
To letters and new findings
That bring both joy and pain
I am from the black stage and red curtain
The surfboard on the shore
The brightness of the sun on water
And opportunities left on the floor
I am from breaks fixed with glue
The things I can’t forget
From mistakes I can’t undo.
The things that I regret.
But I am from laughter
Calls at 2 in the morning
The things that just matter
Dancing with friends while its pouring
I am from living
The list proves it to be true.
I am from the universe
I am from all of you.

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