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November 27, 2011
By gilchresty GOLD, Juneau, Alaska
gilchresty GOLD, Juneau, Alaska
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Favorite Quote:
"Whats the point of growing up if you cant be childish sometimes"

Do you remember the days

When it didnt matter how we looked

What clothes we wore

Who would've that today would be a fashion war

Can you still picture yourself

Running around in the grocery store

Looking for your mother

That you just cant find

Mommy, Mommy, you cried, No reply

Lost and alone

Far from home

It's kinda like growing up

Getting out into the world

You have no idea where you are

You can try to cry

But deep down

You know, its me, myself, and I

The choices you make

Carve your future

Nobody told you it was going to be so hard

Each step you take, yard after yard

A new collision will crash into

But it's how you recover

That's how you know

You can go

Other times the sun

Will shine right through you

And all good will happen in your day

Saver and cherish those days

Because they will last in you forever

They remind you to keep on the right path

And as the years go on

You start to realize

That you grow up so fast

Yet you remember the memories as if they were yesterday

Its not so easy growing up they say

So many obstacles

So many heartaches

But if you think to yourself

Is life worth going through those things

That decision is up to you

A choice only you can make

When your time comes

In the very end

On your gravestone it will read

Getting lost is a part of growing up

Create your own path to succeed

The author's comments:
My life inspired me to write this, growing up is hard, all we need is to be persistent in actually living

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