Personified Body

November 27, 2011
Knock Knock!
It's me again, yeah I'm still here
It's your body
Tell me,
What are you thinking
Sticking needles into our arms
and who are you to pour poison down our mouth
Dont you know your killing us
Why must you darken our heart
Is stealing, and lying what we were meant to do
I wonder how our brain is doing, do you even pay attention in school
I remember when it was easy to breath, Do you?
Did you forget that im in this with you to the end
Which seems to get closer and closer
We used to be best friends you and I
But now I'm constantly abused
Maybe someday if were still together, you will realize, that it was all worthless
You will take one look in the mirror and I see a monster, The monster that makes you and I

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