Let it out

November 18, 2011
By GingerKarls SILVER, ......, Louisiana
GingerKarls SILVER, ......, Louisiana
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"Let everything you do, be done in love." 1 Corinthians 16:14 <3

Sometimes, you just have to cry.
To let out all the negative emotions that you push down, for no one to see. That you push down because you don’t want to disappoint anyone.
But sometimes your scared to let down their image of you, to make them think that you are more than a shoulder to cry on, but that you have issues of your own.
I hear that pitter pat of my tears hit the floor, and the plastic tips of my Converse.
The sound is actually soothing, even though the source of the sound, is a bi-product of sadness.
I sniffle and hide my face from people that pass, hide it from the world.
Hide my emotions, choke them back down, even if they’re as bitter as sauerkraut.
But I can’t do it anymore, I’ve done this my entire life, act as if nothing is ever wrong, and quite frankly, I’ve had enough.
When I wanna cry, I will CRY. When I wanna scream, I will SCREAM.
I will no longer hide my emotions.
Everyone has them, they’re nothing to be ashamed of.
Sometimes, I need someone to lean on. But I’m too busy holding up everyone else. Afraid that if I slightly move for one of their shoulders, that they will all fall, and sit there, defenseless.
I uncover my face and wear my tears proudly.
I am human, hear me cry.

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