Extra Large

November 18, 2011
Extra large, who’s extra large? Not me, that’s for sure,
Size is nothing but a number, that makes girls feel insecure.
Loving your body, and who you are, is what we all should do, but never get a chance to try,
There’s too many pictures, of how we should look, that companies do to make us lie,
About our weight, about our age, about the size, about our days,
These are the companies that make girls cry,
When they don’t fit the picture, that’s there in their mind,when they don’t look a certain way, or are a certain size,
they find themselves as ugly, no matter how hard they try,
To look like the girls in the pictures, to be someone that their not, just because they of the pictures they see,
Of how they’re supposed to look, and how they’re supposed to be.
Because of these pictures, because of these thoughts,
I’ll never admit to my size to you, I’ll never reveal my faults

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