Almost Twins

November 18, 2011
You and I are closer than we think.
Some would say you’re not real,
Others would call us opposites.
But are you there my identical?
Could we share something plentiful?
Or do we walk on a crooked path?
Is my imagination nothing but a laugh?
Cause it seems you look to perfect,
Does death take your sweet traits?
Or do you hide your severed self,
And give it to someone else?
Cause I would hate to be so ugly,
But I live with, what’s meant to be.
So are you me?
Get out of the mirror!
Get out of my feelings!
Stop controlling me!
Twins of our darkest hour,
Who is our flower?
Twins of our darkest hour,
An who is sour?
I took heart,
You took death.
I took misery,
You took love.
I thought I was perfect,
Hands down words silenced.
I thought you were vile,
Punished for constant denial.
But as twins,
We dance the ballet of masquerades.
As twins,
I danced into the gray,
And you the fade.
My dear soul,
Do you hate what you’re made of?
Cause I’ll get old and rot,
You were better,
And had all I got.
So please remember deeply,
Remember the presence of the enemy.
Remember me…
Remember me….
Cause we were almost perfect,
Almost blissful…
Almost twins…

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