Traped Fairy

November 19, 2011
Feeling like a fairy,

Born into a family of crows,

Like a wasted place in a shadow of their home,

They seek to crawl in sin,

I just don’t fit in,

Striving to get to the gates & earn my ticket in,

During their most often times of not looking,

I escape to those who truly love me,

Welcome me in & make me happy,

Those who’d love to take me away,

Let me be the fairy I was born to be,

Than the crows call me back,

Trapping me between these walls of hatred,

They say they care,

If its true why won’t they let free,

They know this is no life for me,

Its just misery,

As they choose to crawl in wrong,

I strive to fly in right,

They life they’ve chosen to live,

Isn’t whimsical to me,

So why can’t they let me free,

Don’t I deserve a happy family,

Or is this just another way of srenghthing me

Into someone anyone would love to see

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