Demon In Me

November 19, 2011
By nicoletteth00 SILVER, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
nicoletteth00 SILVER, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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I’m tricking you, tricking you
D*** it can’t you see-
think of me- your gone I see-
Why am I in your thoughts?
What will you do to me?
I dream- you became violent-
it overtakes you-
You find out about me
my lies- my secrets-
that were obvious.
You ripped my soul out
tossed, trampled, turned over -------- it,
you did.
Can’t live without it,
My body with no life-
stolen by you.
That was neither my payment
or choice
You’d like a demon within me
You say that is what I am
I refuse, but I have nothing to fight you with me
My body I cannot control.
It trembles, shakes-
fighting with what it cannot…
It must take your demon in,
which gives it bloodshot eyes
an unfamiliar mind.
My body is no longer mine.
I watch above it…
as it fantasizes,- strategizes
running my body-
for it is what I deserve-
the only way- you can think of hurting me,
like I hurt you.
The revenge you know;
my dream comes to an end.
I wake up in my bed sweating,
I turn the lights on…
those bloodshot
eyes are still there.
Reminding me of the evil within me,
that you do not know is there…

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