November 19, 2011
By AllForOne SILVER, Audubon, Pennsylvania
AllForOne SILVER, Audubon, Pennsylvania
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If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts.
-Albert Einstein

Shriveled by the conquest of my undying love
Your were my home
Until I was evicted
My frozen dreams digested tears
And burned the retinas of my watery eyes
Fastened by bobby pins was my beating soul
I always pondered the idea
Of attaching my spirit to a white dove
Let it sail away and look down upon the whole world
I have never forgotten you
Or your beautiful aesthetic proportions that
Make me smile even when my innocence is gone
I rehearsed the perfect goodbye
I thought I was more than an ingredient
In your vast collage of things you desired
But as the harsh reality of hindsight sets in
Your patchwork of adoration only left me with bloodshot eyes
But as I look beyond the malevolence of your façade
I find the white dove was always keeping score
And much to your chagrin I illuminate the truth
About all the tissues used on your behalf
Behind a closed door where my curiosity permeates
I overdose on thoughts of contemplation
So the day I receive a papier-mâché envelope
Enclosed; a letter from you
That is the day my empathy will die

The author's comments:
Inspired by Innocence.Jaded

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