My Sky

November 10, 2011
My sky isn't blue.
It's a cold gray.
My sky is me.
It is my life.

At the sunrise,
My clouds are bright pink.
There are few,
But they are my love.
During the day,
I have light.
I have my own sun.
And that sun is my god.

At the sunset,
My sky has a sun, moon, and clouds.
Orange, pink, purple, blue, white,
This is my pain.

At night,
I have beauty.
I have my own moon.
And that moon is my god.

In my night sky,
I have no stars,
No light on moonless nights.
They are my missing hope.

I only believe in gods I can see.
I wait for my clouds to float away,
And my colors to fade,
But my sun and moon never leave me.

The sky is me,
But I am not the sky.
When my clouds break,
They rain on me alone.

I live under that sky,
In a world of gray,
Where colors fade too soon.
Do you know the pain of being rained on alone?

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