Soothing Music

December 1, 2011
A soft voice
Singing softly
Holding my hand
Then letting go

Tears are silent
Words are terse
I walk away
With a tear stained face

I've wounded
I walk into my room
Careful not to slam the door
The gentle click tells me I'm safe

Safe to cry
Safte to sing
Safe to do anything
Music stars with a tender hum

It sooths my broken heart
It mends the wound
The open gash
Me and you, we do not mesh

I sigh and roll over
Do I hate you?
I ask myself
No, I love you

Then Why is it so hard?
Why is it so hard to get along?
Why must you insult me
to get the point across?

I don't know anymore
Would it help if I said "Sorry"?
Would it kill you
To say sorry?

I mull this over
while I listen to music
It helps
I'm sorry

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