My Choice, or yours?

December 1, 2011
By AmbyrBlaze BRONZE, Austin, Texas
AmbyrBlaze BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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The Mere 13 minutes you gave me
Gave him 2 hours
Minutes from my phone
He stayed for me even when I told him
Even when I told him
My priorities
In those 2 hours
He managed to change them
He became the one to stay for
When all you did was leave me
You say you don’t want to fight now
So we don’t
We do nothing
You have to see
As clear as me
Where this is going
Our roads finally separate
2 months shy of 2 years
If you don’t realize
Will you still let me go?
Dent Do Something you’ll regret
My friends say
Will I regret leaving you?
Hard to know
When I was never really with you
When you never really let me be with you
He makes me feel
Feel like I have a chance
A chance to grow
To grow away from you
You who once cared for me
A chance
It hasn’t been long with him
And its blind faith jumping away
From you
To him.
I wont Be Second” you told me
When you weren’t second then
Somehow that’s what you became
Is it my choice to leave you?
To leave this relationship that can never be
Or is it yours?

The author's comments:
I met a guy, who was there for me when the one l loved wasn't.

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