Like the Wind

December 1, 2011
If at any moment, you feel lost,
I'm there to be your guide.
If at any second, you feel the need to cry,
I'm there to be your shoulder.
If at any moment you have a dark cloud looming above you,
I'm there to shine like the sun, and stop the rain.
For whatever reason it may be,
I shall be what you need.
But in that moment where you need nothing,
I'm exactly that; nothing.
I become like the wind,
Always there, never seen.
To not take you by surprise,
I shall warn you now.
The wind goes everywhere, and is nowhere.
Ever-changing, and never still.
One morning you'll awake,
Waiting for the wind that will never come.
One day you'll see,
Everything you had, everything you needed,
All that meant anything,
Was simply me.

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