Room for a smile

December 1, 2011
By Serpas.012 BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
Serpas.012 BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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No time to let my mind explode so let me stop the oil spill,
as I fall from a tree without life,
staying on top of glory and never falling down the hill,
over welled by my effort of success, call it sleep deprive;
Many reach for success but only a few strive or a better tomorrow,
drowning in a rhyme but never due to the sorrow,
Love to give but a heart that is already taken so no other may barrow;
No problem running over hurdles of obstacles’,
rich in love and work over night so let me freeze the hate like popsicles;
Never lost but found n search of a image,
take a picture and place it in a frame and watch it last until the next ice-age;
A piece of mind but no piece of cake,
under with the fishes to keep cover in the eerie green lake,
room for improvement but no place for corrections to lose for my sake;
running for a trophy but never ending poverty,
living with so much cover ups and controversy,
Man on the moon so all I do is love my technique of poetry;
Room for improvement but expectations for a teacher was low,
"you will never succeed in life", is what I been told;
don't believe words that disgrace, just wanted to let you know,
room to create warmth in peoples heart like a fleece on in the cold;
Line after line but if i could ill never end,
no stop sign on my yellow brick road and problems that pretend;
A nation is what we need to be,
a location of love is a place to achieve,
no desire to deceive,
stay don't leave,
living life in grief.

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