Hawk :)

December 1, 2011
By Anonymous

My heart is a jewelry box
With a ballerina inside
When the box opens up
She dances to the music

My heart was shut
No brown eyed beauty danced
No music played
She sat inside shivering

Huddled in a corner she sat
Rocking back and forth
She wishes she could pirouette
But she had great stage fright

The gears in my heart
Refused to spin
No one could open
My locked up organ

Shaking was the brown eyed beauty
Afraid to dance again
Could she trust the audience?
Or would he betray her passion

When my heart would try to open
She would jump from her spot
And with all her might
She would hold it shut

But then there he was
Just soaring above
More hypnotizing than anything
He caught her so off guard

He sat outside my heart
Watching her just shiver
But when he wouldn’t come around
The beauty would just sigh

She began to daydream
What if he tries to open?
The heart that’s so sealed shut
Would she let him in?

Could she dance for him?
Could she trust his eyes?
Could she trust his heart?
Could she dance again?

Day after day
He brought her laughter
She did not worry
About holding the heart shut

September second he crept close
He set his hands on the heart
She backed away scared, yet wanting
And with eyes closed she heard the heart creaking

The gears turned, the music started
And she began to dance
He grabbed her hand
And the waltz began

My heart is open
My spirit dances
For I found love
Of which I was so scared

My Hawk dances with me
Through happiness and struggle
My Hawk makes me brave
To dance through life with love

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