Hands of a Man

November 16, 2011
By MusicalTtree BRONZE, Inglewood, California
MusicalTtree BRONZE, Inglewood, California
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I didn't even know her..
I cant even tell you what her name was,
because at the hands of a man and a.45 she was dead.
a SHOT to the back of the head because HE was "frightened"
no,no, noone was supposed to be home.
Breaking and entering,
he felt he wasn't doing wrong
BUT at the hands of a man she was dead.
BUT at the HANDS of a MAN SHE was DEAD.
The cries of a seven year old
sent him into SHOCK.
He fled the scene like he was a Loony Toon
"ablet,ablet,ablet, thats all folks"
That cat got GHOST.
He left as that seven year old stood there in shock because
He just seen his mother get shot.
he cried he cried he cried wallowing over his mother drowning in her blood
but somewhere in the cracks of his scul he couldnt come to a conclusion
his only question was why
why is my mommy dead? am i next? and yet
all he knows is that at the hands of a man she was dead
now flash forward to the future
because i never even knew her
my abulita, my mer'me, my grandma, my big mama!
what ever you wanted to call!
her is dead..
I didn't even know her..
I couldnt even tell you what her name was,
because at the hands of a man
and a .45 she was dead.

The author's comments:
This is in fact a true story about how my grandmother was murdered. I feel plenty of family fall as silent victims to this and I felt that someone needs to hear the story's about how it effects people in the long run.

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