A Lost Night

December 1, 2011

It was too late
for most to be awake, but she was, and
pacing the hallway
until she passed his door

Talking in his sleep, she thought
and opened the door, just a bit, softly as she could

He was having the dream again
He was in h***
pleading in his sleep
trying to fight

well, what would you expect

she opened the door
just a little wider, so a light
fell over his scar

she'd never asked how he got it
by now she hardly saw it, so maybe
she didn't want to know

No, he whispered
In a way that made he want to wake him
hold him close and say
'You're okay, you'll be okay, I swear. . . '
except she couldn't speak
couldn't even move
It went on, he with
hands clenched on nothing
desperately trying to hold onto something

Where are you, she wondered
and what did you lose?

there was an eternal pause
when he retreated into himself
with a silent scream that tore the night apart
and - was that the light or
a tear for those long lost. Did he just
whisper? 'I'm sorry . . .'

The quietude cloaked her, and she wondered
What won't you tell me? Why
Won't you let me help you?

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