Do You Remember

December 1, 2011
Do you Remember

Do you remember the days that your family held you close?
Do you remember all the friends you made at preschool?
Do you remember snack time followed by nap time?
Do you remember the nerves on your first day of school?
Do you remember the thoughts you had as you went grade to grade?
Do you remember the day that you graduated Elementary school?
Do you remember all the friends you made through the years?
Do you remember your first crush overwhelming and exciting?

Do you remember your first day of Jr.High School?
Do you remember how the first year was?
Do you remember memorizing your locker combo and schedule?
Do you remember eigth grade all the thoughts that surrounded you?

Now can you imagine what the next four years of your life will be?
Can you imagine if you will go to college?
Can you imagine what you will be able to do with your life?
These are the journeys through childhood, before you go out as an adult and live your life
These are the days that you will remember for years to come
Remember these thoughts
For years to come and years to go

Michaela E. LeBoeuf

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