Forbidden Love

November 22, 2011
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One came out at Day
The other graced the sky at night
One with authority and other with a graceful sway
They sure did make a beautiful sight.

Soon between them, the sparks did fly
Their love grew more profound as time went by,
Soon, a moment couldn't pass without them longing to be in each other's arms
But meet, the could not, without causing the earth harm.

Finally, resist they no longer could
At the end of the day and before the fall of night
Meet at the horizon they would
Turning a cruelly blind eye to the people's plight.

Passion grew so intense that their intimacy burnt the earth
Men, women and children fled from home and hearth
The sun and moon ignited the atmosphere with their love
When finally it was time for some intervention from the one above.

Zeus, with his trident in hand
Proclaimed loud, that their love was thereby banned,
For having caused all the mess
For the Sun's execution, he did press.

Soon from his lungs, the air did leave
The moon was now shattered, left to grieve
Nothing or no one could console her broken heart
She was crestfallen, her world was torn apart...

Moon spent her life yearning for her mate
Despite the initial anger, people felt sorry for her cursed fate
Nothing could mend the heart of the moon
Live, she did, in an eternity of gloom.

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