The Death of My Butterfly

November 19, 2011
You glide through
the spring breeze,
and flutter
beneath the sun.
The rays pass through
your delicate wings;
the colors
more vibrant than ever.
But suddenly,
a dark cloud
blocks the sun
from view,
and you drop
from the sky.
Your vibrancy
before my eyes.
The breeze then becomes
a strong wind,
and you are
amongst the leaves.
Now, drops start to fall
from the
gloomy clouds,
and they land
on your wings.
I see you
start to plunge
from the once bright
spring sky.

You are chilled.
You are cold.
You are weakened.

And you drift down
onto the ground,
to rest
on the glistening grass.

Your vibrancy,
Your life,

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