My Forever Love

November 28, 2011
By Anonymous

Pent up with fury
Shaken with displeasure
This feeling its…Antagonizing
From the interior out
The damage has been done
He has taken a toll on just one.
Abandoned and forlorn
Desolate and bare
She cannot seem to find comfort anywhere.
A desperate fugitive within the crowd
Yet buried within her soul is a girl in love
Disoriented and frightened
She dare not tell a soul
Though she can only imagine his gaze
With love-struck eyes
To be consumed deep within his loving grasp
Oh how she covets the thought
As he gazes toward her
She cannot help but smile
The paper sitting atop of his desk reads
“my forever love”
As she finally looks upward
To see the deep brown love-struck eyes
They stood hand in hand
Their eyes meet and a bond is formed
This gaze symbolizes eternity
And will stand forever
Others will admire
Some will be apprehensive
Some will yearn for and others will desire
Though cliques will cluster and posses will pass
Nothing can ever break the loving gaze
Though not always together in body, in heart
The two are inseparable
What starts off small blooms into a lifetime devotion
Though still early, they both know.
They will spend their lives together.
Looking at the past, such a long time ago
She cracks a smile
For the girl long ago wanted the boy.
And she could not help but imagine him and her
She wanted him, she needed him, she desperately longed for him.
And he needed her…
Their longing held secret for so long
The two dreamed of each other
Every thought, every look, every touch
made them fall only more
immersed into each other.

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