November 29, 2011
By fallenangel95 BRONZE, Palacios, Texas
fallenangel95 BRONZE, Palacios, Texas
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These scorching red lies burn our hearts.
It burns alive and turns it to ashes.
Until we scream out loud and it stops.
Afraid and coquered. but it comes back and burns faster.
tears stream down both of our cheeks.
Crying and waiting for mercy but it never comes.
Do they do it for the mere thrill of it, what do they seek?
is this their entertainment, is this their fun?
We cant stand it, we cant stand it anymore.
We fight back and seek our vengeance.
to this day we havent been ignored.
Finally were done, we have ended this.
From now on we shall not cry.
Our only reason to do that, is when were about to die

The author's comments:
Pain, lies, and the wrong things to say.

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