Dear Boy

November 29, 2011
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Dear Boy,
Damn. I wanted to believe that your words were not just words and that I’m not just another girl to you. I know that they were most likely empty words and that I’m just another pretty face you can easily dispose of. One day, I hope with ALL of my heart that you grow up and regret Fuc*ing me over. Maybe then you will hit me up. I hope that you will see what a down-a** chick I am, and that I’m the one you should have kept. I hope that you think of me often and fondly. Maybe I will never see you again and maybe I will. Just know that I constantly think about you. I never meant to fall for you. I fell hard and I wish that I didn’t because I didn’t ever want to feel this way ever again. I’m sick with all the thoughts of you. They don’t ever stop. I want you to know that you will always hold the title of the one who reminded me that love sucks.

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