i won't give up!

November 29, 2011
By , pasadena, TX
Losing you would be like losing my self!
Our souls are in sync
Yet you’re blind and can’t see that!
But you can feel it.

You know if you run
I will run with you.
If you leave
I will leave with you.

You mean the world to me!
I won’t give you up.
You’re the best gift Fate has given me,
A gift I refuse to lose

Fate brought you to me.
Now it wants you back?
It’s about to start a war,
It won’t win, my heart will.

I control who I will let go!
You are the one thing I will never let go!
Letting you go, is like giving up on love.
I won’t give up

Love is merely a madness for me.
I’ll give up everything for you
I’ll fight with my heart against Fate!
I promise to win

I won’t give up!

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