A Hookers Night

November 28, 2011
By SearchingSarah SILVER, Toronto, Other
SearchingSarah SILVER, Toronto, Other
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"All you need is love"

getting her tips by swaying those hips
Batting her eyes living out lies
The men moan yet she's alone
Setting her fate by being the bate
Everyone stares and she's well aware
they all label while she's unstable
Helpless and stressed she gets undressed
It's taking it's toll as she loses her soul
Momentary power as she ***** in the shower
making some money like a playboy bunny
They squeeze her tight she cries at night
A single mom her life is gone
She still tries to make it by
She **** their ***** they bite her ****
The end of the night she holds her daughter tight
The next day she hopes will change

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