As I am always young

November 28, 2011
By Isabella.R BRONZE, San Marcos, California
Isabella.R BRONZE, San Marcos, California
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Young and curious,
As I always am.
I hope for the best,
I build up that castle,
just to have it fall down once again.
My barriers remain broken and battered.
broken and battered as I'll ever be

Yelling doesn't seem to be enough to be heard.
And trying to shoot for the for the stars...
when I can't even lift off the ground.

Looking at the sun doesn't make me blind enough to not see the pain and tragedy.
And hoping it will stop...doesn't make it a bit better.
And putting on makeup in the morning won't make me any prettier.
As I always do, look through the mirror, and see nothing but a small reflection.

As I always feel,
abandoned and hurt.
Since one day,
everything came tumbling down.
And I can't build it back up...

Sometimes I feel that it would be better if I disappear,
And be a ghost.
A decision I thought of only a few years ago,
is finally popping up again.
As I always am,

Young and stupid.
As I always am.
Young and troubled.
Forever and always.
Young and crazy.
As I could ever be.
Young and loved.
Because I know my family loves me.
Young and hopeful.
Someday, I know everything will be okay...




The author's comments:
I wanted to write this because I really wanted to write about something that is close to me and that really relates to me. And something I've been dealing with since sixth grade. And Thanksgiving.
I hope at least some people can relate to what I'm saying. That way I know I'm really not the only one...

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