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November 28, 2011
By ChibiOfEvil8 SILVER, San Marcos, California
ChibiOfEvil8 SILVER, San Marcos, California
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Where we can still laugh and wish,
Back when we were younger and didn't get ditched.
Back where all we did was play,
And our only injuries where physical.

A bucketful of bitterness,
Only a teaspoon of sacrifice,
Why doesn't anyone care anymore?
Why won't the birds sing?

Look around right now,
See the pain that has spread,
The fear and the dread.
Today doesn't seem like yesterday.

Prejudging people is the trend now.
At school you aren't cool,
Unless you cuss every minute
And gossip all day,

This world we live in today,
Is filled with lies and pain,
Now people think everyday is a curse not a gift,
Greed and hate have filled the Earth.

Why can't we get along?
Racism, hate, greed, anger and pride
Are only some of the reasons,
Today isn't fine.

Murders and crimes,
They pop up all the time,
Tainted souls
Now fill the street.

When you realize today isn't okay,
When you see the pollutants that suffocate us,
When you want to take back all you have done,
It'll be to late.

I'm tired of all the lies,
The pain,
The tiny little games
That make you feel all alone,

And that's not all,
There's more,
But it would be impossible to
Cover them all.

This world's value is cutting down,
Less people are caring,
No one seems to be helping out,
The echoes of suffering screams fill your dreams.

The homeless person standing on the corner,
Begging for change,
To survive another day…
What if it was you?

Some people sneer at the needy,
At the poor,
At everyone below them…
But what if it was you?

Most people in business suits are liars,
Or maybe their just corrupters,
You never know
Until it's to late to see.

It seems like war is around the corner,
Or people spitting insults at you like it's a game,
People throw punches,
Or even shoot.

I may be just a young girl,
But I'm trying to spread the word.
Ignore me all you want,
But most of this is the truth.

Next time you take a step outside,
Look around,
Do you notice anything different?
What about those missing sounds?

For those people who care,
And to those that don't,
Please consider this,
And I'll treat you fair,

You have to realize what is going on,
The horrible things,
That prevent some from smiling,
That prevent the birds form singing.

Maybe just one day,
Everyone can come together and share an understanding,
Respect each other's values and beliefs,
Lose the greed.

We're all HUMANS and that's just that,
Not 'Blacks' ot 'Whites'
Or any of that.
We're all the same yet so different…

The author's comments:
-Originally posted from my ShadeHadgehog54 account on DeviantART, 'lotta lies from me on that account...-

Anyway, I wrote this a while ago, because I was disgusted with the way us humans are today. Selfish monsters. Well, of course, not all of us, but a good portion :I

Er...That's pretty much it ;)

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