Achieving Starts with Believing

November 28, 2011
By , Bronx,NY, NY
“Achieving Starts with Believing”
After a day of dragging my bag
My shoulder hurts and I feel myself sag
Every afternoon, I’m busy with stuff
Book reports, projects, research essays
That’s all I think about these days
This is all a new big change to me
It was unexpected, so suddenly
I am trying to get used to it
But I’m still missing grade school, every bit
I have less free time than even more
I wonder when I’ll go back to before
But I stop myself, you can’t go back!
Just move forward or you’ll greatly lack
In making your hopes and dreams come true
Which will be hard but you can of course do
You just have to believe in yourself
Don’t doubt yourself and work hard as an elf
No matter how hard it gets, keep going
Face challenges you meet, it’s like bowling
Achieving Starts with Believing!

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