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I want to tell you

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I want to tell you... but you might judge.
I want to tell you, but you might leave me.
I want to say what I am and who, but you'll tell me that I'm a god forsaken loon.
I want to say I'm absoultly sure, but the truth is I'm not.
Wish this was an option, but my heart will not subside.
From my true fillings from my inside.
I want to tell you, but if I do you might run.
I want to tell you, that this is not the truth.
I want to say everything to you, but will you care?
I want to say that I don't care what you think, but I really do.
Wish you could understand, but you can't because you'll act like a stuborn man.
From your mouth you curse and yell, You also might tell.
I want to tell you, but I can't.
I want to tell you, but my eyes will get damp.
I want to say it out loud, but apon me my peers will frown.
I want to say everything about me, but if I do, it might not set me free.
I wish I can come out of this dark and gloomy closet.
From which, if I do, you all might judge too.
Want to tell you, but if I do, I have to make sure I really love you.

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