Let me Live

November 28, 2011
Don't wake me up from this dream,
I'm at a good part.
It won't get much better, I know,
I've had this dream before,
So I would. But I
Have forgotten
What disaster it was that struck me.
Was it a Hurricane?
An earthquake?
A tornado?
A tsunami?
A blizzard?
A whirl of nightmares spinning around me?
I must know.

Yes, now I see,
On a multiple choice question
on a test,
the answer would be 'All of the above.'
A storm from a

...Full only of what you never thought possible.
Snippets of Pe Rf Ec tI o N
Breaking to bits.
'Don't wake me up now' I said,
But you couldn't if I wanted you to
No one could wake up
From life.

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Morning said...
Nov. 30, 2011 at 7:50 pm
I love how you use capitalization in Perfection. I also thought it was very neat how you compared it to a mulitple choice poem. Great work! Keep writing!
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